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Bahasa Inggris kelas 8 Chapter II ( willingness )


Untuk pertemuan kali ini kita akan melanjutkan materi Chapter II yaitu :
Kemauan melakukan suatu tindakan (willingness)

 Willingness and Unwillingness
    Willingness ini Indonesian means kemauan. While Unwillingness means ketidakmauan.
♣ Asking & Expressing Willingness and Unwillingness
• Sentences of asking Willingness and Unwillingness is same and have several patterns, that is :

1. Will + S + V1 + O + adv + ?
Will you send the letter tomorrow ?
Will she come soon?
Will he give you the book?

2. To be + S + willing to + V1 + O + adv + ?
Are you willing to swim with me tomorrow?
Are he willing to give you the book

3. Would + S + (like to) + V1 + O + adv + ?
Would you like to swim with me this evening?
Would you like to send the letter?

• Expressing Willingness
1. S + will + V1 + O + adv
Example :
I will give you the book.
I will send it tomorrow.
She will come soon.

2. S + to be + willing to + V1 + O + adv
Example :
I am willing to swim with you this evening.
She is willing to give you special present.

3. S + would/ would like to + V1 + O + adv
I would like to send the letter this afternoon.
He would come soon.
Generally speaking, before say willingness, preceded by "Yes".
Example :
Yes, I will send it tomorrow.

• Expressing Unwillingness, the patterns is same with Expressing Willingness, it's just added the word '' not '' before/ after the modal of willingness.
Example :
1. I will not send it tomorrow.
2. She is not willing to come this evening.
3. He is would not to give you the book.
4. I would not like to come tomorrow.
Generally speaking, before say unwillingness preceded by apologizing ( Sorry), and after say unwillingness preceded by reason.

Example dialog from book

Winda : "I'm tired. Will you print this report, please?"
Sardi : "Sorry, Win. I'm on my way to buy lunch."
Winda : "Will you buy me one too?"
Sardi : "Sure."
Winda : "Thanks"
Sardi : "OK"

Demikian pembahasan materi chapter II kali ini semoga bermanfaat.


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