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LATIHAN SOAL mapel Bahasa Inggris

Arrange the sentences into the good dialogs!
1. Puan : Thank you, Wulan, Faiz,  for your support.
        Faiz         : Sure, you have to work hard to your dreams. Good luck.
        Puan : Yes, It’s my dream. And I have practiced every day for the last two months with
                          my dad.
Wulan : Congratulations, Puan. It’s your dream to be the winner of the school’s story
                           telling  competition, isn’t it?

2. Nisa     : Congratulations, Tiara. You deserve it. Your mom and dad must be proud of you.
        Tiara    : Yes, thanks, It will help my parents a lot.
        Tiara   : Nisa, I got a scholarship.

3. Bagas : Good idea.
        Bagas : Sure, thanks. What is the occasion?
        Bagas : Well done! Congratulations!
        Lulu : Bagas, Would you like to try these cookies?
        Lulu : Thanks. Let’s go celebrate it.
        Lulu : I just graduated at last grade on my French course.

4. Igo    : Yes, I am.
        Rani : Nice! I hope you will win the contest.
        Igo         : Thanks. I hope so too.
        Rani : I heard you are going to participate in the cooking contest?

5. Syafri : Good morning, Feni!
        Feni         : I heard you got a perfect score in last semester. Congratulations, Syafri.
        Syari : Thanks, Feni! You also help me to achieve it. I hope in the next future we both
                           can achieve the perfect score, Feni.
Feni  : Good morning, Syafri.
Syafri : I hope so too.

Kerjakan latihan soalnya di buku tulis kemudian difoto dan dikirim melalui WA grup kelas masing-masing.

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