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Grreting Card 2


Assalaamu'alaikum ....

Hello, jumpa lagi dalam pembelajaran Bahasa Inggris. Setelah kemarin kalian mempelajari pengertian, fungsi, bagian - bagian, serta jenis - jenis greeting card, hari ini akan disajikan beberapa contoh greeting card beserta latihan soalnya.

Selamat belajar ....tetap semangat...✊✊✊

Pelajari contoh-contoh greeting card dan latihan soalnya!

Contoh Greeting Card - Congratulation (Kartu Ucapan Selamat Ulang Tahun)

1. Faruq writes the text in order to ....
    A. thank
    B. apologize
    C. compliment
    D. congratulate

Jawaban : D
                              Contoh Greeting card - congratulation (house warming)

2. Based on the text can conclude that ….
     A.      the addressee has moved to the new house
     B.      the sender has bought the new house
     C.      the card is sent to praise someone
     D.   the receiver shares the happiness

     Jawaban : A

                                             Contoh Greeting Card - Graduation (kartu ucapan kelulusan)

1.       3. What is the writer’s intention to send the card?

A.      To inform about someone’s graduation.

B.      To give motivation on someone’s success.

C.      To recognize someone on her/his achievement.

D.      To congratulate someone on graduating from school.

Jawaban : D


2.      4.  “… the beginning of a new adventure.  The word “adventure” can be replaced with ….

A.      experience

B.      wandering

C.      travel

            D.      trip

            Jawaban : B

                                        Contoh Greeting Card - wedding (pernikahan)

5. From whom the card is sent?

    A. Heni

    B. Handy

    C. Atta

    D. Heni's father

    Jawaban : C


6. Who will be married?

    A. Atta and Heni

    B. Handy and Atta

    C. Heni and Handy

    D. Heni's mother and Handy's father

    Jawaban : C

7. What does the sender wish for Handy and Heni?

    A. The bride and the groom getting well soon.

    B. The wedding full of love.

    C. Get a lot of child.

    D.  Get a lot of money.

   Jawaban : B


8. "I wish you showers of love", The underlined word has the same meaning with ....

     A. hope

     B. Hoop

     C. Wash

     D. Watch

     Jawaban : A


9. The purpose of the text above is . . .

     A. To congratulate someone

     B. To persuade someone

     C. To entertain someone

     D. To invite someone

     Jawaban : A


10. "I wish you showers of love", the underlined word refers to . . . 

     A. Atta Geledek Badai

     B. Handy and Heni

     C. Handy 

     D. Heni

     Jawaban : B

Setelah mempelajari dan memahami contoh-contoh greeting card dan latihan soalnya, silahkan kerjakan latihan soal berikut ini dengan link di bawah ini...



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